Reference Management Tools – Mendeley and Zotero

Dear All,

Extremely delighted to share about successful completion of 4th Virtual Workshop.
Total 447 participants were the part of this 4th Virtual Workshop on Reference Management Tools – Mendeley and Zotero which ended successfully with completion of almost all portion of Mendeley and its use in Research work, Research Writing etc.
Note: Zotero will be covered on 05.11.2017 in the Morning session.

All the videos are uploaded to LibrarianGuide Channel on YouTube which may be viewed at the following links:

1. Welcome Message :

2. Introduction to Mendeley:

3. Installation of Mendeley and Registration:

4. How to Add Documents in Mendeley Library from Local System or Manually:

5. How to Add Documents in Mendeley Library with Folder and Watched Folder:

6. How to do Literature Search in Mendeley Library:

7. How to Use Mendeley Suggest Option to Add Documents in Mendeley Library:

8. How to Manage Mendeley My Library with Different Options:

9. How to Export, Import and Merge Documents in Mendeley Library:

10. How to Import the Documents through Mendeley Web Importer:

11. How to Install MS Word Plugin to cite references and insert Bibliography in Word Documents:

12. How to Create Groups, Add Documents in Group, Invite Members in Group and Post Comments:

13. Change Settings, Duplicate Check and Invite Members in Mendeley:

Your comments are welcome always.

DP Tripathi

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