Installation Videos : Koha, DSpace and Joomla

Dear Friends,

Keeping the complexity of Installation in view of three major open source software being used everywhere, I have prepared videos for installation of Koha, DSpace on Lubuntu/Ubuntu-14.04 and Joomla on Windows operating system.
By seeing these videos anyone can Install the software easily and further can proceed with working of these software.
You can watch and download these videos at :

Koha – 16.05 on Lubuntu-14.04 LTS or Ubuntu-14.04 LTS

DSpace – 5.5 on Lubuntu-14.04 LTS or Ubuntu-14.04 LTS

Joomla on Windows Operating System:

These videos, anyone can download by right click on the videos and save to your drive.

Ensure you are in root login before you start installation of DSpace and Koha.

For any clarification, feel free to write me at

DP Tripathi




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