Self-motivation is the best medicine for positive output.

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Self-motivation is the best medicine for positive output.

I believe that the brain is full of wonderful ideas and you don’t know what time your idea will click. So, motivate yourself always for positive things and keep thinking for the better prospects. Except you, no one can motivate yourself to move ahead.

You will find here 11 very effective lines to help yourself in motivating for capitalizing your enormous potential.

1. Always be ready to leave your comfort zone.
2. Don’t have fear of making mistakes.
3. Don’t have self-limiting thinking.
4. Always find the reason to be happy wherever you are.
5. At least spend one hour for self-development, find out weaknesses.
6. Always try to be good finisher as you started your work.
7. Always live your life in present, not in future and past.
8. Commit yourself to happiness which will heal all your wounds.
9. Never give-up whenever you experience frustration.
10. Always think big, dare to dream big dreams.
11. Never expect appreciation from your colleagues and boss. Appreciate yourself for good things.

We always should be ready for what Charles Dubois said, “We must be prepared, at any moment, to sacrifice who we are for who we are capable of becoming.”

Be Happy Always!!!
Happy Wednesday….

DP Tripathi

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