Homage to Dr. S. R. Ranganathan – An Online Manual of Open Source Tools

Dear Friends!!!

With due respect, I render homage to the unforgettable legend Padmashri Dr. S. R. Ranganathan who paved the way for Library Professionals by his enormous contribution to Library Profession.

I wish you all a very happy ‘National Librarian’s Day’ and on this occasion I take this opportunity to introduce ‘An online manual of open source tools’ which can be accessed at www.dptripathi.in/manual

This e-manual has been prepared based on personal experience, self-practice and browsing different resources which includes the following.

Koha – Open Source Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)
– Open Source Digital Repository Software
– Open Source Content Management System for web designing
Data Migration
– How to migrate from one system to another system

By reading the content available on this, anyone will be able to understand the basic procedure about how to work in any good library. The content is purely related to working procedure of any academic library. The procedure of every module of every software and also about software handling is given in detail.

Each menu further contains sub-menu inside the page which further contains information.

This e-manual will enable you to learn the basic functions about library management, establish digital repository and also design & development of web applications. The unique part of this e-manual is Data Migration.

Hope the content will be beneficial for your purpose.

Some of the portions are left to be filled by content which will be taken care soon.

I welcome your honest feedback and suggestions for further improvements.

Thanks! !

DP Tripathi

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  • B.Vijayalakshmi

    Your blog post on Librarian day is superb Sir.. Very Useful.
    I have known so many facts about Dr S.R.Ranganathan, Father of Library Science from your blog only. This is one of the best homages to Dr.S.R.R.
    Open Source tools manual – i have just started to learn. I hope that is great gift from you to our profession.
    Thanking You,

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  • Manjesh

    Very useful information about open source software Sir

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  • Dr.Bino Jose

    Dear DP,
    Thanks for creating such a wonderful blog. It is very informative. You have covered all the topics which a librarian requires to know from spiritual to technology. Congratulations and keep it up.

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  • Awesome article.

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