Koha ISO Ver-3.0 – Available to Download

Dear All,

Koha-ISO-V.3 is available to download at www.dptripathi.in/download/kohav3.iso

The ISO is customized with Lubuntu 14.04 LTS and Koha latest version with following features:

a. Customized OPAC with Header and additional menu for external links
b. One Click Backup of Koha
c. Short Framework of MARC for different kinds of documents such as Books, Theses, Serials etc. (Courtsey: Mr. Vinod Kumar Mishra)
d. Auto Backup with cron job
e. and many more

You can straight way download, burn the ISO in DVD or USB and install in any standalone PC and start using.

The user id of Lubuntu is : library
Password: kitkit

Koha Admin User ID is : library
Koha Admin Password: library

Hope it will be useful for all.

With regards,

DP Tripathi

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