Become the parents of your weaknesses……

Dear Friends,

Remember your childhood days and also try to remember the efforts taken by our parents to remove our weaknesses. When we were child, we might have committed many mistakes repeatedly but our parents always took care to remove our weaknesses. Let us take one simple example of start walking when we were growing. Perhaps, we don’t remember how many times we might have fallen down but not a single time our parents would have got irritated instead they taught again and again to walk on our own feet and finally we started walking.

The same way we still have many weaknesses which we know but never try to become the parents of our weaknesses. In my opinion, the day we become the parents of our weaknesses, we can find the solution of weaknesses and then no one can stop from achieving the success and target of our life.

So I request all my friends to become the parents of your weaknesses and kill them, remove them as early as possible to succeed in your life.

DP Tripathi

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