3rd Virtual Workshop on DSpace – an Open Source IR Software

Dear Friends,

With great happiness I am sharing that today successfully conducted the 3rd Virtual Workshop on DSpace – an open source Institutional Repository software using WhatsApp with more than 500 Participants (3 groups together).

It was real pleasure interacting with participants during workshop.

The videos are available at https://www.youtube.com/watch…

The full day session covered the following:
1. Downloading ISOand creating bootable Pendrive
2. Installation of Linux side by Windows OS
3. Introduction to IR and DSpace
4. Structure of the Institutional Repository
5. Community and Collection
6. Addition of Content to Collection
7. Editing and Expunging an item in collection
8. E-Mail Setting in DSpace
9. Changing the Header image in DSpace Frontend
10. Additional Settings in DSpace for Webui and Feed
11. Authorization to Group for managing the Community, Collection and Item

I thanks all the participants for their wonderful cooperation to ensure maximum learning.

Your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

DP Tripathi

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