E-Resource Management in Academic Library

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I am happy to share the videos on E-Resource Management. The list of videos covers the discussion in details about management of electronic resources and the purchase process in any academic library. The discussion continues with two videos on management of print periodicals with Koha. The list of videos are mentioned below with link of videos separately.

  1. E-Resource Acquisition Management


  1. E-Resource Access Management


  1. E-Resource Administration Management


  1. E-Resource Support Management


  1. E-Resource Evaluation and Monitor Management


  1. Purchase Process of Print and Online Resources in Academic Library


  1. Schedule Preparation in ILMS Koha


  1. Receiving the Print Issues in ILMS Koha


If the list of journals of different products is available in excel file then the same can be converted in MARC format and can be imported in Koha ILMS. With the online public access catalog (OPAC) of Koha, the resources can be shared effectively. To convert the excel file, the following videos may be helpful.



If anyone wants to install the Koha with ISO Image, then the steps are given in the pdf file which can be viewed at www.dptripathi.in/download/installiso.pdf


You may browse some other videos at Librarian Guide on YouTube.


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