Musts for Library Professional

Musts for Library Professional:

To become a successful library professional in profession, it is essential to keep the seven points alive all the time:

1. Active Responder: 
A normal library user enters the library with hope to get the desired material with less effort. Here, a library professional should play the role as ‘Active Responder’ by attending the many queries at a time and also keep alive the unfulfilled demand till the demand is fulfilled.

2. Empathetic behavior:
Empathy allows your inner conscious to feel other’s pain as if you have pain. A library professional must respond in empathetic manner to the library users and also must try to build the enough confidence in them to use library resources & services with self-help.

3. Service before Self:
A library professional should enter the library with motto “Service before Self”. In another word, five laws of library science should always remain in mind and library professional must offer himself after service to the library.
4. Tactful Approach:

Library is center of service where a user approaches with different attitudes and options. A tactful approach by library professional will help to deal the various types of users with ease and can avoid inviting bad name to the profession.

5. Perseverance:
It is better to knock other door if library professional cannot devote his heart and soul to the profession as library profession requires very hard work and perseverance. Library profession is just not the last door for rejected soul rather it demands enough patience and disposition toward profession.

6. Service with Smile:
A library professional must be capable enough to guide others in true sense. S/he must be conversant with library resources available in the library in order to provide the service with smile. Library Professional’s capability should attract the library users towards himself to quench the thirst.

7. Collection development without any prejudice:
Collection development in the library by a library professional must be without any prejudice. However, the library professional should not build the collection which is below standard. At the same time, rejection of documents should not be based on personal like or dislike for declaring the documents as below standard.

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