Does the provision of incremental fine fulfill the Five Laws of Library Science?

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Five Laws of Library Science enunciated by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan says that

  1. Books are for use.
  2. Every Book Its reader
  3. Every reader his/her book
  4. Save the time of Reader
  5. Library is a growing organism

We the Library Professionals value the above laws to great extent in libraries and try to maximum implement in all aspects but when it comes to Incremental Fine, it raises many questions and in the queue of questions, first question is “Does the provision of incremental fine fulfill the five laws?”
Question seems very simple and many of us may say “YES” but some of us may also say “NO” and I am one of NO category.

The provision of Incremental Fine creates burden for library users and get pressure from library to return the book on time else s/he will have to pay compulsorily the fine amount next to normal fine as per rule of incremental fine.
But, why a user should pay extra amount? Here above laws of library science seems violated.
Whey we say Books are for use, Every book it’s reader, Every reader his/her then why libraries are imposing extra fine. If the libraries have to get the book back, they may easily RECALL book or block the user so that s/he will not be eligible to avail services as punishment for violating the rule of not returning the book on time but collecting the extra charges from library users seems like ‘library considers incremental fine as source of revenue’

As a result, this provision may kill the interest of library patron and next time, perhaps s/he may not will to issue any book from library. Perhaps, library may lose the patron interest for visiting library too next time and forever. This may also lead to pass the information by that user to other library users about the negative aspects and as a fear, the other users may stop utilizing the issue/return service of library

My question is – “Is it compulsory to impose extra amount, in case user does not return book?”

If s/he is not returning book, let the normal fine be imposed as per library policy?
Why Incremental Fine?

Your suggestions are expected and welcome.

DP Tripathi

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