Select the Best Candidate for AL/DL/Librarian

Dear Seniors / Selectors,

An appeal is submitted for sincere consideration please…

I don’t have much experience to submit this request to your consideration but requesting to pay attention…

While selecting the candidate for Assistant Librarian / Deputy Librarian / Librarian, please pay enough attention to evaluate all the abilities such as administration, decision making, psychology, values, integrity,Team Work etc. and knowledge as well….

A candidate not having these abilities will always drag the position and status of library back and also create trouble for other staffs….

Your sincere attention is highly required to boost up our profession. These posts should not be filled up simply and to satisfy self ego. These posts have big responsibilities of taking right and appropriate decisions in each and everything related to organization for its benefit.

Hope, this message will be received positively by you all.

D P Tripathi

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