Leadership & Management Training

A special two days training program was organized by University of East London on “Leadership and Management Training” and lectures were delivered by Corporate Coach Group on March 16-17, 2016. All the sessions of this training were excellently delivered by Mr. Jazz.


The purpose of the training was to initiate a process of rapid improvement by means of achieving a shared understanding of the correct leadership and management methods that we need to employ, if we have to achieve our stated goals.

The reason for the training is that the majority of our leaders and managers and staff are trained as technical specialists: i.e. they are employed predominantly on the strength of their technical competence and background. On the technical level, our leaders and managers are very good. But in their role, as an inspirational leader -manager, there are some definite gaps. We need all our people to be thinking about how they can develop their personal management and leadership skills. As a result of the predicted changes that are likely to occur in the future, there is currently a need to provide some good in-house leadership and management training, so that we will be better equipped to achieve our stated aims for 2016 and beyond.

The training mainly focused on the following areas:

  1. To develop six abilities for leader/manager and those are clear purpose, communication skill, planning skill, conflict management, personal management and leadership
  2. Time Management
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Edison Success Formula

18 members participated including we all fellows in this program. This program ended successfully.

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