Classification – I

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The classification of the things according to size, colour etc. is called.
What is the most suitable method of arranging books on the shelves is:
Who has defined library classification as 'the arrangement of books on shelves or description of them in the manner which is most helpful to those who read':
'Classification in its simplest statement is, the putting together of similar things or more fully described, it is the arranging of things according to likeness and unlikeness' - who defined?
Library Classification is the 'Translation of the name of specific subject of a book into preferred artificial language of ordinal numbers' - who has defined this?
The division of knowledge whose extension and intention are equal to the thought content is called:
'The foundation of library is the book, the foundation of librarianship is classification' - Who has remarked this?
Three planes of work - idea plane, verbal plane and notational plane - was recognized by?
'Books are collected for use, they are administered for use and it is the use which is the motive of library classification' - who has remarked this?
'Library Classification helps to bring related subjects in close proximity' - is known as:
Who is known as the 'Grammarian of Library Classification'?
Choose the first classificationist to have made a systematic attempt to set down a theory of library classification.
Classification - this term has been derived from?
Designer of a scheme of classification is called as -
Who was not the classificationist from the following?

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