Classification – II

Question #1: What is Colon Classification (Ed. 7)?

Question #2: Prolegomena to Library Classification – this book is written by whom?

Question #3: Fully Enumerative Classification – Find from the following.

Question #4: Dewey Decimal Classification (22nd ed.) is an

Question #5: International Classification is devised by

Question #6: Universal Decimal Classification is which type of species of classification?

Question #7: Grammar of Classification – this book is written by?

Question #8: Study of general categories applicable to classification – this book is written by?

Question #9: Which classification from the following use ‘pure notation’?

Question #10: Decimal Classification and Colon Classification in Perspective – this book is written by?

Question #11: H. E. Bliss Classification Scheme is known as:

Question #12: International Classification Scheme of Fremon Riders’ belongs to which kind of classification?

Question #13: “Analytico Synthetic Classification” – What is the alternative term?

Question #14: What is the meaning of ‘Enumerative Scheme of Classification”?

Question #15: In connection with classification, the year 1876 is related to:

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