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#1 Radhakrishanan Committee??A Committee was set up under the Chairmanship of Dr S. Radhakrishanan. It was also called University Education Commission.

#2 Saddler Commission??Saddler Commission was established with the aim of bringing improvement in the educational system of India. This commission recognised the library as one of the necessary organ of the university and forced to give a rank of its librarian also. It recommended also that a librarian is not less than a professor in any case in the university and he should be treated equivalent to the professor in his rank, scale, post, services etc.

#3 Secondary Education Commission??This commission was set up for doing efforts for the extension and developments of secondary education in India. The commission accepted the importance of the libraries in secondary schools.

#4 Advisory Committee??An advisory committee in the chairmanship of Dr. K. P. Sinha to give suggestions and advices regarding academic libraries. It is also called as Sinha Committee which studied all the suggestions given by all other earlier committees. In the end, it was advised to give financial grant for the development of libraries by the government and to buy books for all the libraries.

#5 Hunter Commission??Hunter Commission was setup in India in British period for the improvement of libraries. This commission reported that the students have only the interest in reading the books for their study. They did not have interests in other books of general knowledge. Therefore, commission suggested for establishing the libraries in schools and colleges.

#6 New Education Policy?

#7 Kothari Commission??The Indian government set up a commission in the Chairmanship of Dr. D. S. Kothari. This commission gave its report which was quite different forom the previous commission's reports. This commission recommended that the provisions should be made in university libraries to spend Rs. 25 per student and Rs. 500 per teacher.

#8 University Grants Commission??UGC developed a system in the libraries for the progress of education, in which it announced to give regular and extra grant for the books, periodicals, furnitures, buildings, tools and machines and staff of the libraries of colleges and universities. As a result of it, the place of libraries became important in college and universities of the country.

#9 Indian University Commission?Indian Universities Commission was set up with the efforts of the then Viceroy Lord Curzon in relation with the matters of academic libraries of India. This commission also forced to organise well the academic libraries in the country for the progress and development.

#10 Ranganathan Committee??Dr. Ranganathan, the chairman of the committee determined the standards for every worker for the libraries. The committee reported so many necessary and important suggestions regarding academic libraries, as a result of which such development and improvement at various levels of academic libraries became possible in India.


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