An experience with experienced people

Sometimes in life you get an opportunity to experience something new for which you never thought of and it gives you more happiness beyond your expectation. During my fellowship at London, one of the most unforgettable moment took place when had an opportunity to meet with very experienced, aged, honest and humble people.

It was May 28, 2016, when reached Snaresbrook Station and walked down towards ‘The Eagle at Toby Carvery’ hotel and also had lunch with them. The surrounding was filled with honesty and zeal for living the life, tons of joy, healthy jokes and commitment for each other.  Half of the hunger was quenched with happiness and remaining was taken care by delicious food. Three hours passed soon but inner-self wanted some more and more time to be with them and know about their life’s experience but very happy to express that those moments threw light on most expected future happenings.


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