Public Speaking

Public speaking is the process or act of performing a presentation or delivering speech focused around an individual directly speaking to a live audience in a structured, deliberate manner in order to inform, influence, or entertain them. Public speaking is commonly understood as the formal, face-to-face talking of a single person to a group of listeners. It is closely allied to “presenting” and most of the time, public speaking is to persuade the audience.

A very informative and excellent two days training program on ‘Public Speaking’ was arranged at UEL and sessions were well taken care by ‘The Fear Doctor – Vince Stevenson’.

During two days program, Mr. Vince delivered excellent lectures and also involved all the attending members in practical demonstration in order to remove the stage fear as well as build the confidence to deliver the focused speech on a particular topic. He demonstrated some live examples of trainers and also made every member to speak on a topic such as Inspiration, Thought for the better world etc.

The focus was given mainly on the following areas during session:

  1. Thinking and Anxiety
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Stress Management
  4. Body Language
  5. Vulnerability followed by practical demonstration

Thinking & Anxiety:

Resources Links:

  1. (Public Speaking)
  2. (Body Language)
  3. (Leadership)
  4. (Vulnerability)
  5. (Education)
  6. (Exercise)
  7. (Stress)
Here are some videos regarding:
Posture, Breathing and Relaxation
  1.  Warm up exercises
  2.  Three head resonators
  3.  The power of the pause
  4.  The diaphragm
  5.  Muscle tension upper body
  6.  Conscious and unconscious breathing
  7.  Posture, breathing and relaxation
  8.  Breathing exercises
  9.  Neck exercises
  10.  Neck 180 & 360 degree exercises
  11.  Jaw exercises
  12.  Stretching exercises
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