Towards A Digital India – Library Automation with Open Source Solution

This book is an outcome of experience gained during discussion with many library professionals at different platforms about their day to day problems in the library. Since, every library is dealing with huge amount of resources in digital era, it is really very challenging task for present libraries and library professionals to organize and disseminate the right information to right user at the right time.

This book is an attempt for library automation with open source solution in any kind of library. Book is divided in five different chapters covering the details description about open source solution and library automation with open source library management software koha. The last chapter is concluded with most important part of the library i.e. Data entry, data migration and networking.

Authors have given attention about the procedure followed in Indian libraries and tried to cover the topics accordingly so that a library professional should be comfortable while dealing with problems and their solutions with koha. The book contains the examples module wise having different-different problems such as Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation and Serial Control. Some of the topics such as Barcode printing, Member card printing, Report generation and OPAC customization has been given special attention in the book.

Hope this book will be useful for every library professionals especially for library automation and enhancing their library services.


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